I am a bodyworker based in London specialising in structural integration, myofascial release and somatic work.  I give sessions in East London near Stratford, in Haggerston and in Greenwich.

Contact me if you are experiencing chronic pain in joints or muscles,  would like to improve sports performance after an old injury, or if you simply would like to move more effortlessly, improve your posture and alignment and get back in touch with your body.

I am a dancer and yogini and I give discounts for other dancers and performers. I'm also interested in exchanging sessions in other forms of movement or bodywork with experienced practitioners.  Contact me to arrange a session or simply to have a chat over the phone about how I might be able to help.

How is structural integration different from massage or physiotherapy?

Massage therapies work with muscles and typically target the area where the client experiences the problem. Similarly, physiotherapists often work on isolated muscles directly related to an injury.  Structural Integration is a holistic form of bodywork that works on the connective tissue, and the aim is to find a balanced state for the whole body. The changes achieved this way are long term as opposed to the benefits seen after a typical sports massage, physiotherapy or osteopathy session. The connective tissue “remembers” the changes achieved in a session and the body keeps adjusting for months and years after sessions as it heals.   It is this balanced state of the body, where every part is used equally, that allows injuries to heal and enables pain free posture and movement even as we age.