About Me

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cheapest place to buy isotretinoin I am a bodyworker, dancer, and yogini.   I suffer from intense curiosity which has led me to pursue a broad spectrum of interests, and I am constantly exploring new forms of movement and bodywork.

can you buy Clomiphene over the counter uk I fell down the stairs when I was 2 and had constant back pain as a child so my parents took me to swimming lessons and fencing hoping that strengthening the back will ease the pain. This experience started me on the path of studying movement.  My journey started at the age of 14 with competitive ballroom dancing and since then I've been constantly exploring different forms of movement and bodywork, from ballet and contemporary dance to several different forms of yoga, acrobatics and eventually taking me to sports massage, thai massage, structural integration and somatic work.

Achieving effortless, pain free, natural posture and movement is the holy grail for me in everything I do.  My mission is helping my clients use the natural instincts of their body  to find their own way of moving effortlessly, efficiently and without pain, to prevent and heal injuries and improve sports performance.  I work with myofascial release techniques and somatic exercises to ease and reset the connective tissue in the body, extend range of movement and give a sense of alignment and integration.

My sessions start with movement analysis and body reading, followed by bodywork to release restrictions in the connective tissue, and somatic exercises to promote awareness of changes in the body. My aim is to give clients full control over their body to achieve long term benefits